Most companies have management systems that they have been using for years. Although not all of them are happy with their work systems, the aversion to change and the day-to-day workload makes it difficult to make changes that could result in a significant improvement for the company.

These companies used the experience of their workers and systems to partially adopt these processes, but new experiences (both positive and negative) continue to appear every day providing a different approach.

The technological barrier is another important factor that influences this static attitude of certain companies before the improvement of their processes, extending the problem over the years.

Changes in the economy and management systems make these immobilist strategies insufficient. In order to continue in the market, improvements in the process assets must be implemented as we become aware of the need to implement them.

If we can use the experience of the work done to the processes in real-time and, besides, we have a system that allows us to analyze the efficiency of these processes, we can implement a system of process assets that makes us competitive.