Applying Big Data in education offers many benefits. Learning analytics improves the future of education. What can you offer to an educational center? Hereunder, we detail some of the advantages that we can find.

Improve academic results

The goal of Big Data in education is to improve the academic results of students. Currently, teachers grade exams, homework and skills to assess student work.

Therefore, the multitude of data generated by each student is not taken into account. Implementing Big Data in education means analyzing the data record in real-time. In this way, optimal learning for the student can be offered. It also helps to understand the behaviour of each student.

Some data that can be obtained are:

  • How long a student takes to answer a question.
  • What sources are used.
  • What questions are not answered.
  • Whether or not they carry out research.
  • The type of relationship between the questions answered.
  • What is the best advice for each student.

One of the main benefits is that data can be obtained instantly and automatically. Therefore, feedback with students is immediate.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it allows the creation of groups of complementary students. Thanks to the algorithms you can know the strengths and weaknesses of each one. If teachers create stronger groups, the group results will be better.

Applying Big Data in education improves the dropout rate

The analyzes will allow measures to be taken to improve student results. Consequently, the dropout rate in schools will be reduced.

As mentioned, the application of Big Data in education allows feedback to students instantly. In addition, teachers can know what their specific needs are to motivate them and to avoid they give up.

Educational centers will be able to know the marks of the students thanks to all the data collected. It is a great progress because it is possible to adapt programs that can generate bad results. That is, they will have the opportunity to optimize programs to improve results and to avoid trial and error.

Big Data tools are a real revolution in the educational field. More and more centers are implementing them to offer high quality programs and improve student outcomes. Always complying with the standards established for each subject in a course.

Developing customized programs

Developing personalized programs for each student is possible by applying Big Data in education. Students can study at their own pace with teacher follow-up. In addition, it can be done regardless of the number of students the center has.

Personalization in learning is a great challenge in the education sector. However, with the algorithms, each student can be followed and evaluated individually.

Education experts have developed skills to follow their students throughout the educational process thanks to Big Data. At university level, it will allow to find the best student among others.

How is it possible? It will be based on behaviour, grades, social profile, etc. Universities that identify the best students can improve their overall level.

Developing personalized programs for each student is possible by applying Big Data in education

Monitor students in real-time

Teachers will be able to monitor students in real-time. This is very relevant, especially when they study on their own since their doubts are resolved immediately.

Those students can understand the agendas is a significant benefit in their learning. In this regard, it should be noted that the student experience improves considerably.

With the Big Data algorithms, students can be monitored during their learning process. For example, we can know how they read the texts, which parts are more complex or easier, the time spent reading, the number of questions asked, the number of times they enter a link, etc.

Teachers can identify the points to be reinforced in books or courses. The objective is to cover all the students’ needs to improve their academic results.

Many educational centers are betting on analytics in learning. They are implementing management software that allows them to automate processes and relate student data.