Drones are unmanned aircraft implementable in a wide range of fields such as logistics, insurance, traffic, agriculture, etc. this disruptive technology has surprised everybody.

Some years ago, we would think this is about science fiction or military technology. Nevertheless, nowadays they are notorious that there is already even amateur drones are manufactured.

What is their contribution to the business world? Drones are providing many opportunities for enterprises, especially when is combined with other disruptive technologies. For instance, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Deep Learning, etc.

All these mentioned technologies work with data, although data need to be collected first. In this scenario is where drones play a crucial role. They are effective thanks to their perspective, agility, autonomy, size, etc.

Drone applications

Drones are not just technology to take pictures or video recording. They go beyond and implemented in different fields. Every day new applications are born that favour society. For this reason, the number of interested companies is increasing.

We are facing a disruptive technology that can be a competitive advantage in many fields. Next, we will see some of them.

Power plants

The large dimensions of the surface complicate the maintenance of this type of power plants. Initially, to detect problems, workers used technical cameras. That is, they inspected the place by taking photos and sending them to the central. The experts then handled the anomalies.

Today, with drones everything is much easier. You just have to program them to fly over the plants and perform a visual reconnaissance. 

The images are analysed through algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, the work is more efficient and it is not necessary to have an expert in each plant. In addition to that, the risk reduces considerably.

Mobility and traffic

Drones are able to monitor traffic situations in cities. It also monitors the mobility of people in all types of areas.

They are useful when it comes to collect real-time information. Therefore, when detecting a problem, it speeds up decision-making. On the other hand, they facilitate the work of the operators who collect the roads to know their condition.

Drones combining with systems of Artificial Intelligence for predictive analysis. All the collected information can be assessed to carry out trend analysis.

Environment and agriculture

In the market, is easy to find drones equipped with atmospheric sensors to perform rapid and effortless analysis. Unlike a ground sensor, data can also be obtained from the atmospheric state at height.

In agriculture, drones are utilised to detect the degree of humidity in the soil, nitrogen levels, pest control, etc. Thanks to the new management software with Big Data engine, the data can be analysed to make estimates.

Making good use of all the data collected can become your crops very profitable. The cost saving increases because the necessary elements for crops can apply the right doses.

drones Upicus
In the market, is easy to find drones equipped with atmospheric sensors

Search and rescue

Drones are able to analyse images of an area and send them thanks to Machine Learning. This is riveting for rescuing people, to observe wildlife, etc.

People do not have the ability to analyse all the images in a video made by drones. However, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms can condense and process what is in search.

This type of technology is useful for rescue teams. They can save a lot of time and ensure efficiency when processing images. They were somewhat limited so far, although with the arrival of the COVID-19 they are becoming present. We will not take long to see them regularly in the cities.

In short, drones are emerging technologies that can be very favourable in various fields. In addition, using this technology together with a management software with a Big Data engine is a safe bet.

Nobody doubts that data is very important in the business field. Therefore, it is necessary to have a tool that manages all the data collected by the drones. Good use of data improves decision-making and disrupts the status quo.