3 June, 2021
Active Aging and Big Data

Active Aging And Big Data go hand in hand

Doing a proper data management can make a huge difference between reaching an active aging or staying put. The technological application in the world of health and sports has led to an unprecedented milestone in the process of organizing information with the Big Data. This article might be of great interest to those companies who operate in this particular sector and are in need of a software that allows them to keep up with all the advances that take place in their organization. Having a good physical condition, feeling good emotionally, and having a favorable social environment. These are three […]
20 May, 2021
industria turística upicus

The new normality in the tourism industry through digital transformation

The progress of digital transformation of the tourism industry has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic. Companies are now working on a new system based on service personalization. Therefore, the truism industry digitalization has promoted new projects based on the new normality. Focusing on the experience of personal experiences, the habit for new consumption and digital strategies. Entertainment is still a priority, and the customers are demanding services and experiences more than ever. The tourism industry is reaching out to data management for further satisfaction and personalization. How does the data contribute to the digital transformation in the tourism industry? […]
6 May, 2021
drones upicus

Drones in agriculture with Big Data Technology

In the last few years, drones have gained a lot of strength in terms of agriculture due to their significant advances and the use of Big Data Technology. Nowadays, they are capable of mapping more vegetative indices with higher resolution. This can be applied, for example, in fruit trees, olive groves, almond trees, vineyards, etc. New technologies have evolved to the point that they have allowed drones in agriculture to include sensors with good spatial and spectral resolution. Therefore, farmers can now carry out a great variety of activities such as managing fertilizers, optimizing phytosanitary treatments, planning harvests or pruning, […]
16 April, 2021
OLAP Upicus

Information dimensions from OLAP perspectives

How can managing information from an OLAP perspective benefit a company? Before we go deeper into this subject, we have to talk about Big Data. It is considered one, if not the most, important tool in the business world. The main reason is that it allows to process tremendous volumes of information. Upicus is a management software system with a Big Data engine that collects information from different databases. It also allows to have them in the same place in order to analyze and consult all the data in real time.  It also poses the peculiarity of being able to […]
16 March, 2021
granularity of the data Upicus

The relevance of data granularity in business

Companies that decide to enter the world of Big Data have to consider the benefits that the granularity of the data will bring to their businesses. At Upicus we bring you closer to the world of technology and data so that you can enrich your business. The greatest value of Big Data is in applying advanced analytics, that is, statistical analysis and machine learning to make informed decisions. Nowadays, having a data visualization tool is a competitive advantage over the competition. With our Upicus software, large volumes of data and information can be analysed in dashboards. In addition, the users […]
16 February, 2021
Upicus CRM

The implementation of a CRM with Big Data technology

CRM is very successful in managing customer relationships. With its application, a large part of their information can be consulted in the same location. The companies that have implemented Upicus as CRM have increased their sales, have closed important agreements, etc. because its performance has improved. Thanks to this management software you can have all the information regarding a contact available. In addition, it is very easy to follow up since all the data we want is recorded, such as calls Reasons to implement a CRM software Many companies wonder when is the best time to implement CRM software. There […]
13 January, 2021
Lean Data Upicus

What is Lean Data and how it benefits companies

Lean Data is essential in any type of company to save on the collection and transmission of data. Currently Lean concept is applied to improve all kind of processes. At Upicus we have applied it to the world of data. How are Lean tools applied in companies? Normally they are introduced in the processes to be able to monitor them, detect any incident and be able to use solutions. This monitoring is where Big Data technology enters the scene. Companies increasingly work with a greater volume of data from different sources or databases. Today it is essential to quickly store, […]
15 December, 2020
Upicus drones

Upicus and Spadrone reach a technological agreement

Juan Saussol, Upicus CEO and Christian Tomás, Spadrone CEO / Project manager have signed an agreement to develop projects of interest for both institutions. In order to establish a technological collaboration framework that makes easier the distribution of the drones in which Upicus software can be included in. The signing of this technological agreement took place on December 3rd, 2020 in Distrito Digital of the Comunidad Valenciana, where both companies have headquarters. The purpose is to join forces for achieving drones’ technological advance. These type of light aviation devices are a big revolution in different sectors such as agriculture and […]
10 November, 2020
work remotely Upicus

Tools to work remotely

The continuous advance of technology has many benefits attached that ease our daily life, both personal and professional. For this reason, in recent years working remotely has been one of the most important worldwide trends. Telecommuting stands for developing work activities in a different place than usual; it is normally at home. To work remotely or telecommuting gives flexibility and helps employees with family and professional life reconciliation, among other things. To work remotely is also a favouring alternative for companies that needs flexible employees and vice versa. Nevertheless, how can companies implement a telecommuting system? Which are the best tools to work remotely? Essential aspects of […]
27 October, 2020
Project Manager Upicus

Project Manager, an essential professional in the enterprises

Project management is called “gestión de proyectos”. It is a very important field in the business environment. We doubt many times how to perform a Project development, but this has changed thanks to the implementation of a business management software. The main reason is that it allows us to manage and centralize every Project. Nowadays is essential to have a digital tool which integrates process and communication in the project management and a Big Data system. Who is the Project Manager and which are his tasks in the project management? A Project Manager is the head of the entrepreneurial projects […]
15 October, 2020
cybersecurity Upicus

The connection between cybersecurity and Big Data

The constant cyber threats to companies have highlighted the importance of cybersecurity. All types of companies must protect information, databases and operating systems. Normally, large companies have their own computer security systems and small ones hire specialized cybersecurity providers. In digital systems the most common computer threats are malware, spywares, viruses, computer worms, trojans, etc… that try to access to our email accounts or even the informatic structure organisation. Furthermore, we find people called hackers who access to the enterprises firewall. But how does all this relate to Big Data? In this post we will tell you why this symbiosis […]
22 September, 2020
organisational climate

Favouring a positive organisational climate

The organisational climate is one of the most influential factors in the companies’ productivity. Companies which have a bad work environment among job mates find difficulties to work as a team. Nowadays we have software for the business management that favour a positive organisational climate. Thanks to this, enterprises can foster collaboration, smooth communication and the inner motivation of the staff. Which measures we have to apply to achieve a good organisational climate? In this post, we are going to provide some ideas to improve the organisational climate. Easy measures to improve the organisational climate  To ease the internal communication Taking measures […]
21 July, 2020
Registration of working hours Upicus

Registration of working hours in companies

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about recording workers’ working hours. What does it consist of? Employees must sign in, out, and rest hours, as well as sign or document professional or personal leaves. For both human capital and the company, time is very relevant. However, inefficient means are still used to record working hours. In the same way, other types of procedures such as vacations are also being managed in a rudimentary way. Thanks to new technologies, companies can implement business management software to manage time. Improve time management with Upicus Upicus has many functionalities […]
14 July, 2020
Smart City Upicus

The growth of the Smart City

The Smart City was born to improve the lives of citizens thanks to new technologies. Globalization, the advancement of technology and other events have allowed this digital transformation in cities. What’s the objective? The meaning of a Smart City is to efficiently solve the problems that can arise in a city. For example, vehicle circulation, environmental impact, security, etc. Nowadays, a smart city it is made up of complex systems interconnected by technology with the aim of managing city systems. Some of them are: transportation, energy resources, public spaces, etc. More and more cities are implementing new technologies. The aim […]
7 July, 2020
coronavirus Epicus

Technological development against Coronavirus

Technology is a great ally to enterprises and public institutions to make front to emergencies, just as the recent Coronavirus sanitary crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted in social and economic scope so the necessity for new technologies has arisen. In one hand, to keep working, communicating, purchasing goods and services, and so on; and on the other hand, as a tool along with Bigdata, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics to stop the Coronavirus expansion. The contagious easiness and the great lethality have meant big difficulties in terms of fighting the virus. Nevertheless, thanks to data management and analysis there […]
23 June, 2020
new technologies in tourism Upicus

The influence of new technologies on tourism

New technologies in tourism have changed the way we travel. We now feel that the experiences are more exciting and interactive. What have been the main changes? Recent studies affirm new technologies have perfectly matched with tourism. Travelers use them to plan routes, make reservations, etc. both before the trip and in the adventure itself. The new generations are responsible for applying new technologies in tourism. Social networks, blogs, applications, etc. They have marked a turning point when planning a trip. In this context, companies in the tourism sector have opted for digital transformation to attract travelers. Now the new […]
16 June, 2020
Facility Management Upicus

The synergy between technology and the Facility Management

Facility Management processes have changed by the rise of new technologies and digitization. This field demands configurable management software that offers support in the face of building automation and the need to connect different devices. What is Facility Management? It stands for optimally managing the buildings, specifically the administration and operation of the facilities. The aim is to increase the productivity and well-being of the staff. For instance, a remote monitoring system allows constant assistance to customers. The synergy between technology and Facility Management has greatly benefited companies; it is a revolution, considering the improvements on monitoring and processing control. Therefore, new management models and maintenance […]
10 June, 2020
advanced analytics Upicus

Advanced analytics in digital transformation

Making decisions based on data is not a new trend. However, until the arrival of digital transformation and new technologies, companies had been unable to manage a large volume of data coming from different sources. That is why management software with a Big Data engine has become a very relevant tool in the business world. This is where we find advanced analytics. It is about using the data we collect from different sources to predict facts or behavior that help in decision-making. What has changed? A few years ago, companies did not analyze historical records because they did not have […]
2 June, 2020
real estate sector Upicus

The five technologies that have stomped on in the real estate sector

In recent years, the real estate sector has changed thanks to the digital transformation. Such is the influence of technology that the Anglo-Saxon term “proptech” has been coined, which comes from property and technology. The implementation of management software in the real estate sector is a growing trend. For instance, managing large volumes of data, customer follow-up, etc. Having a tool that allows analysing processes and actions in real-time is a benefit for any company. What are the new technologies that are being implanted in the real estate market? What are the advantages they provide? New technologies that have revolutionised the real estate sector For some years, the introduction of new […]
26 May, 2020
5G technology Upicus

What is 5G technology and what does it give us

The 5G technology is in vogue these past months. It is a new mobile technology that promises to increase the connection speed, minimize latency or exponentially increase the number of connected devices. Therefore, it allows us to connect to everything, at any time and in less time. The 5G like other technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the IoT, etc. is here to stay. The mobile network of this fifth generation is already being implemented in several cities around the world. For society, it is a true technological revolution. It will allow us to connect electronic devices and with us, carry out remote-assisted surgeries, coordinate agricultural work using […]
12 May, 2020
IoT deporte Upicus

IoT changes the world of sports

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data is also revolutionising the world of sports. The data are benefiting athletes in training, the sales to the organizers of sporting events, spectators in their safety, etc. Big Data tools are being successful in this sector thanks to the IoT. Can a connected racquet give change the way of thinking about tennis? Moreover, does a smart surfboard revolutionise competitions? In this article, we are going to discuss the potential of IoT and Big Data in the world of sports. Wearables, mobile platforms and connected objects will mark a before and after in sports activities. How data is revolutionizing sports The […]
5 May, 2020
drones Upicus

Drones: a new disruptive technology full of opportunities?

Drones are unmanned aircraft implementable in a wide range of fields such as logistics, insurance, traffic, agriculture, etc. this disruptive technology has surprised everybody. Some years ago, we would think this is about science fiction or military technology. Nevertheless, nowadays they are notorious that there is already even amateur drones are manufactured. What is their contribution to the business world? Drones are providing many opportunities for enterprises, especially when is combined with other disruptive technologies. For instance, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Deep Learning, etc. All these mentioned technologies work with data, although data need to be collected first. […]
28 April, 2020
robotics Upicus

Artificial intelligence applied to robotics

The field of artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing in automation and robotics. Experts in this field encounter many challenges such as emotional intelligence in robots. When we talk about artificial intelligence, we refer to the combination of algorithms to create machines that present capabilities like those of a human being. However, it not only refers to being able to carry out tasks autonomously, but goes further. The goal is for robots to be able to make decisions under pre-established parameters. Therefore, collaborative robots are a clear example of how artificial intelligence is not only applied to improve […]
21 April, 2020
Big Data tools Upicus

Big Data tools in the business sector

Big Data tools are already within the reach of any type of company. Thanks to data analytics and artificial intelligence we can find new business opportunities and make excellent decision-making. Companies must answer many vital questions in their efforts. For example, how was the process of this task? In order to get the answers often, spending too much time will be different on software or programs, but what if you could find all the information on the same site? With the great advances in Big Data tools and artificial intelligence it is possible. Companies that have opted for digital transformation […]
7 April, 2020
Artificial Intelligence Upicus

Differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

In recent years we have included technological terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in our language. They are very important for the digital transformation of companies, but do you know their differences? In this post we delve into the three concepts and address the value of the data. Artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) was born in 1960 as a subfield of computing. They established that the necessary parameters have a machine to be intelligent. At that time thinking about these advances seemed science fiction. Advances in Artificial Intelligence have been continuous due to their great contributions […]
31 March, 2020

Big Data for a Personalized Medicine

How can you get personalized medicine? Experts say that healthcare generates large amounts of data that can help save lives. The personalized medicine is a major challenge in the healthcare sector. The Big Data tools offer the possibility to improve patient care, optimize resources and make efficient healthcare facilities. Therefore, one of the objectives of applying Big Data tools to medicine is to make it more precise and personalized. As a result, patients receive individualized treatments. In this context, the participation of the doctors and the rest of the team is essential because they are the ones who know the needs of the healthcare system and the patients. […]
24 March, 2020
Disruptive technology Upicus

Disruptive technology, how does it influence enterprises?

Disruptive technology is a process of innovation that under one that was already being on use. Because of the technology advances that take place in this sector, companies have to renew continuously. Globalisation and competitiveness are present in the enterprise world. Consequently , Digital transformation is required to succeed. Enterprises that bet on disruptive technologies have more opportunities. For example, can access to different types of markets; differentiate themselves significantly, etc. Technological innovation is needed to keep growing and be more competitive in any sector. What is the state-of-the-art in this type of technology? How can enterprises benefit from it? Next, we will address these […]
17 March, 2020
gamification Upicus

Gamification within the company

Companies are introducing new digital tools to motivate their workers. The latest trend in learning strategies is gamification. It is a way for employees to learn by playing. The number of companies that have adopted this educational-professional strategy has increased significantly. However, before implementing gamification it is good to know what it is and what benefits it brings. Ideally, a study of the work environment should be made to detect problems in performing tasks. What is gamification? Gamification is a practice that is becoming trending in the business world. This learning strategy is based on marketing, games and psychology. Currently […]
10 March, 2020
Big Data en retail Upicus

The benefits of Big Data in retail

The implementation of Big Data tools in retail is bringing numerous benefits. We live in a globalized world in which data offers a lot of value to companies. For this reason, there is a growing interest in the analysis and data management in this field. Application of Big Data in retail Nowadays, data analysis is already applied to some retail activities. For example, to optimize inventory, capture trends, manage queues in stores, etc. Businesses can obtain data from various sources. Some of them are geolocation services, social networks, etc. The trend in this sector is clear, it is moving towards the use of predictive […]
3 March, 2020
Machine Learning Upicus

Machine Learning in companies

Among the latest advances in technology, the concept of Machine Learning is mentioned a lot. This discipline is fully operating and has many practical applications. In this post, we approach what is, what serves and its advantages in a simple way. What is Machine Learning? It is a Mathematical Sciences´ discipline which is connected to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its purpose is to create systems that can learn on their own. Machine Learning refers to machine´s ability to analyse large volumes of data and create an algorithm. From the learning of these data, future behaviour could be predicted. Moreover, the success rate is high and the […]
26 February, 2020
surf Upicus

Upicus collaborates with the National Surf League ‘Junior Series’

Upicus has just collaborated with the National Surf League ‘Junior Series’, one of the most important sporting events in February. During the League, young people will have to compete in nine scoring events, each with 1,000 points. The winner will be the one who adds the highest score with its 4 best results. For the first time in the history of national surfing, such a test has been held on the Mediterranean coast. This prestigious circuit took place on the Junta de Los Mares beach in Mazarrón, better known as Bahía Grande. The organizer of the test and president of […]
4 February, 2020
Soft Skills & Hard Skills

Soft Skills & Hard Skills, what is the difference?

Soft skills? Hard skills? These are terms that we hear in work environments, but what do they mean? What is the difference between Soft Skills & Hard Skills? Hard Skills vs Soft Skills in the workplace These terms refer to the skills a person has. Hard Skills are those skills difficult to achieve and change. That is, they are technical skills that are learned with training and professional experience. Therefore, these types of skills are necessary to perform certain tasks. As for Soft Skills, they are the most complicated to reach or change. These skills are related to traits such […]
31 January, 2020
Blockchain technology Upicus

Blockchain technology in customer management

Blockchain technology in customer management is a revolution. Getting customers satisfied to grow a business is really nothing new. CRM or Customer Relatioship Management allows companies to engage with their customers. It also helps to increase profitability and to decrease costs. However, in 2019 only 46% of companies have opted for CRM software or similar solutions. What is the problem? Why companies have not decided to make this investment? Today a CRM is not able to connect important data to real and actionable perceptions. We also found some aspects that retain companies. Some of them are as follows: High costs. […]
23 January, 2020
Big Data in Education Upicus

Big Data in education: learning analytics

Applying Big Data in education offers many benefits. Learning analytics improves the future of education. What can you offer to an educational center? Hereunder, we detail some of the advantages that we can find. Improve academic results The goal of Big Data in education is to improve the academic results of students. Currently, teachers grade exams, homework and skills to assess student work. Therefore, the multitude of data generated by each student is not taken into account. Implementing Big Data in education means analyzing the data record in real-time. In this way, optimal learning for the student can be offered. […]
21 January, 2020
industria 4.0 Upicus

Industry 4.0: Smart Revolution

Lately, one of the most listened terms in the industry is “Industry 4.0”. But, what does it mean? Why is it considered a intelligent revolution? All companies are interested in knowing what industry 4.0 is and future changes. What is industry 4.0? Industry 4.0 represents a radical change in industrialization that we know so far, moving on to intelligent industries. Today we find some technologies such as digital transformation, the Internet of Things, robotization or artificial intelligence that drive intelligent industries. These technologies make companies more competitive. The company 4.0 adapts to changes to be more efficient and competitive. In […]
16 January, 2020
sistema ERP

What is an ERP system and what is it for?

Nowadays, many companies are looking for an ERP system. These programs are very helpful and ease many business management processes. Are you considering its use for your business? Don’t you know exactly what an ERP is and its benefits? Next, we will solve some basic doubts. What is an ERP system? The acronym ERP comes from Enterprise Resource Planning. This program is responsible for different internal tasks in a company. For example, production, distribution, human resources, etc. For an enterprise, an ERP system is a great investment because it significantly increases productivity. Especially because they can automate their processes. It […]
14 January, 2020
Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything, a benefit for society?

The concept of Internet of Everything (IoE) arises from the need to connect things, but also people, processes and data. The essential thing is to offer the right information to the right people or devices at the right time. But how does this benefit society? The challenges posed by the Internet of Everything Intelligent connection allows you to connect people, processes, data and things. We currently have smart tools and devices that benefit society. However, we still find some skeptics to incorporate new technologies into their life. The main reason is that they feel a security risk. But this is […]
26 December, 2019
Tecnología IoT Upicus

IoT technology in society

It is increasingly common to hear the concept of IoT Technology. And it is not surprising, now it is very common to have smart devices connected to each other and / or the Cloud. The increase in the number of users on the Internet shows the enormous need of the population to connect with the rest of the world. What is IoT Technology? When we use the term IoT Technology we are referring to the “Internet of Things”. That is, when several devices are connected to each other. However, it is not about devices that have always been digital. Rather, […]
20 December, 2019

Digital transformation in companies, a revolution?

Digital transformation in companies is a necessity. The advancement of technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, etc. make it essential. However, we still find a lot of unknowledge about the concept. What is the digital transformation? The digital transformation refers to the digitalization of the companies. This does not mean only the use of the Internet in communications. The digital transformation goes further; it covers all the processes that carry out based on its characteristics. On the one hand, it is important to highlight that it is not a matter of being modern or a youth revolution. Nor is it promoted […]
12 December, 2019
qué es un CRM

What is a CRM and why is it fundamental?

When we ask ourselves what a CRM is, it is important to know that comes from the acronym Customer Relationship Management. That said, it may not be very clear, so in this article we want to discuss what a CRM is and its importance. What is a CRM? In the first place, it can be conceived as a marketing and sales strategy that aims at customer management. Companies use software that controls the activity of the company with their customers. Small to large companies can use a CRM. It is about carrying out business strategies and technologies focused on customers. […]
14 November, 2019

Artificial Intelligence applied to business

From Upicus we take artificial intelligence to the user level, making possible that the configuration of artificial thinking can be defined directly by a user who does not need advanced computer skills. In this way users can define the different steps involved in such artificial thinking: Automatically collect data from the different sensors, devices, programs or databases. Processing and prioritization of such information. Logical behavior based on the obtained information. In addition, our Big Data system, also monitored by the user, can analyze whether the structure that has been given to artificial thinking is the most optimal or there may […]
4 November, 2019

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana and Francisco Polo, Secretary of State for Avance Digital had the chance to meet Upicus

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana and Francisco Polo, Secretary of State for Avance Digital were able to meet Upicus together with our CEO Juan Saussol in the Valencian Community Digital District. In this video we tell you a brief introduction of Upicus, a business management software that is already a reality.
14 June, 2019

Upicus Health selected in InDemand 2019

We are proud to have been one of the winners of the ‘InDemand 2019’ project, framed in the European Union Research and Innovation program and financed with European funds. It is an honour to face and solve the challenge proposed by the health professionals of “Digital Activa”.
7 June, 2019

What is Upicus?

15 February, 2019

Integration between departments

To adapt ourselves into dynamic work environments, our processes must be increasingly integrated with each other. This interaction comes from the proper design of our processes and the relationship between them. We must also integrate the interaction between the different participants, departments and work teams involved in a contextualization, going deep enough in the task being addressed. On the other hand, the company’s objectives approach helps us to realize a total integration, through the dynamic construction of the scorecard we control to what extent the total integration is taking place effectively. The situations we face every day makes it necessary […]
2 February, 2019

Process Assets

Most companies have management systems that they have been using for years. Although not all of them are happy with their work systems, the aversion to change and the day-to-day workload makes it difficult to make changes that could result in a significant improvement for the company. These companies used the experience of their workers and systems to partially adopt these processes, but new experiences (both positive and negative) continue to appear every day providing a different approach. The technological barrier is another important factor that influences this static attitude of certain companies before the improvement of their processes, extending […]

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