How can managing information from an OLAP perspective benefit a company? Before we go deeper into this subject, we have to talk about Big Data. It is considered one, if not the most, important tool in the business world. The main reason is that it allows to process tremendous volumes of information.

Upicus is a management software system with a Big Data engine that collects information from different databases. It also allows to have them in the same place in order to analyze and consult all the data in real time.聽

It also poses the peculiarity of being able to see the information from a multidimensional perspective. That is, based on the type of information the company is interested in, it will take a look at the information from a certain point of view or another. This is commonly known as the OLAP Cube. This feature gives way more possibilities than a simple spreadsheet.

With the introduction of multidimensional tools, companies have improved in terms of productivity. They rely on a global vision and precise data in order to make the best decisions.

Main features of OLAP Cubes

The acronym OLAP comes from Online Analytical Processing. This is applied to data analysis systems based on a multidimensional perspective.

This multidimensional data model allows users to make complex queries but in a simple way. The available information can be seen in an orderly manner to execute data analysis from different points of view.

OLAP Cubes are characterized for offering more dimensions and metrics to businesses. Not only you have the data in tables and fields. Also, by being an intermediate step for applications with dashboards to provide data to its users.

At Upicus, we鈥檝e gone one step further and reached the deepest of dimensions. How do we do this? We do it with what we call the OLAP Corridor. This means the dimensions at Upicus are far richer than in a board. Besides, they contain other data apart from the same name of the dimension

The purpose is for the user to look at the information from different points of view. Depending on what you鈥檙e looking for, you鈥檒l want to look from one perspective or another, and with a different level of precision. For further information about the level of detail, you can check our publication about the granularity of the data.

The impact of the OLAP Cube inside the business world has been very deep

Benefits of a multidimensional OLAP perspective

The impact of the OLAP Cube inside the business world has been very deep. It has caused a great revolution in the practice of business intelligence. Upicus enables an efficient data use for analysis and provides quick feedback to analytical queries.

OLAP Cubes offer speed and flexibility to the business world. You can turn up to historical records to get more specific answers. Our management software organizes massive volumes of data so that they can be quickly evaluated and displays it in a user-configurable interface.

Another advantage provided by the OLAP perspective to companies is that it鈥檚 a data model with a multidimensional perspective that helps to select and explore the data. Also, it allows to get even deeper in the existing relationships on the company information.

With no doubt, businesses that choose to analyze data from different perspectives have much greater analytical skills. Therefore, fewer mistakes will be committed when making decisions on a day-to-day basis.