Project management is called “gestión de proyectos”. It is a very important field in the business environment.

We doubt many times how to perform a Project development, but this has changed thanks to the implementation of a business management software. The main reason is that it allows us to manage and centralize every Project.

Nowadays is essential to have a digital tool which integrates process and communication in the project management and a Big Data system.

Who is the Project Manager and which are his tasks in the project management?

A Project Manager is the head of the entrepreneurial projects and the one who coordinates and manage the team.

Usually Project Manager is known as “director de proyectos”. This type of professional has many skills such as organisational leadership, resources optimisation and new technologies knowledge.

In his everyday work the Project Manager has to liaise with different departments to manage his resources, projects, contacts, time, etc. Having a management software is a great advantage for professionals because it allows them to do that and share documents too.

Amidst the multitude of the Project manager’s tasks we find the following ones:

Drawing up the plans

It means to develop a roadmap which we have to follow step by step to develop a project. The plans involve every different stages we have to finish.

Thanks to new technologies it can spare a lot of time. A business management software that works with work stacks allow us to easily execute every task related to the project.

To allow everyone in the team to see the plan and the list of tasks, the schedule, communications, etc. Most of the project management softwares make easy to make a fast planning, the complexity of this is to find the one which allow us to adapt the planning depending on what is going on.

Following the project

Project management involves many questions such as achieve objectives, steps to take, estimated time, resources, etc. in real time. So, the project manager is in charge of managing but also analysing and making decisions in the on-going projects.

With a business management tool, it´s possible to follow the task tracking, control execution’s time, share documents, etc. in real time. Every element of the team is connected and updated via notifications about modifications made in every task.

Lead working teams

Project Management is not only about describing the steps and process to follow, it also involves executing tasks. The Project Manager is the one who has to create and lead teams, so he is in charge of organizing teams for each project.

Once he has organized the teams, he is also the one who has to manage and lead them to achieve the objectives.

This task is not that complex if a business management software is used which allow the tracking and create a communication plan for each task where the leaders, validators, etc. are included.

Furthermore, if we are provided with a dashboard it is very easy to see the progress and the results. The Project Manager can see in real time if the team is achieving the objectives or if there are deviations. This way we can optimize work, make improvements, etc. with the objective of developing and executing the project successfully.

The Project Manager can see in real time if the team is achieving the objectives or if there are deviations

What are the advantages that a management software provides to the Project Manager?

Implementing a business management software can be the action that makes the difference. The Project Manager will be able to optimize resources to increase the efficiency and efficacy of the projects.

Another advantage is that project management is a cross-cutting activity among departments. So, we can involve all the stakeholders to simplify the process, anticipate problems, save money, etc.

In addition, it can analyse the tasks status, who has to make it and which are the impacts of potential errors. The project leader has all that information to make a safe decision.

On the other hand, costumer’s satisfaction increases because de project management is being done in a controlled manner.

Talking about teamwork, the implementation of a business management software increases the team spirit. Users can share documents, tag mates or write comments, etc. so this makes a good collective ambiance.

Definitely, thanks to this type of digital tools, the Project Manager can achieve the projects´ success. The main reason is that we can involve the activities, create communication plans, control the risks and optimize processes at every moment.