There has been a lot of talk in recent months about recording workers’ working hours. What does it consist of? Employees must sign in, out, and rest hours, as well as sign or document professional or personal leaves.

For both human capital and the company, time is very relevant. However, inefficient means are still used to record working hours.

In the same way, other types of procedures such as vacations are also being managed in a rudimentary way. Thanks to new technologies, companies can implement business management software to manage time.

Improve time management with Upicus

Upicus has many functionalities and one of them is to manage time in companies. It is a configurable business management software that allows all the components of a company to be in continuous communication.

In this sense, it can be a very interesting digital tool for human resources departments, team leaders, employees, etc.

To be able to work in a coordinated way and without the need to waste time in meetings, Upicus allows users to be informed. For example, knowing what the status of a task is, who has done its part, etc. And, on the other hand, it is also very useful to record the hours of the working day as established by law.

Clocking control system

With Upicus you can record the entries and exits of a working day from the mobile application such as the PC. For employees it is a great advantage because they can know in detail the time worked, if they have been late, if they have accumulated overtime, etc.

For those responsible for human resources or equipment, they can quickly and easily know the records of the workers. The new labor reform requires all employees to file daily to know the duration and distribution of the workday.

Manage work shifts

Upicus management software can also be used to manage work shifts. On the one hand, so that workers can visualize their schedules and, on the other hand, so that the person in charge makes schedules based on performance.

In the first case, it is very useful because when you work in shifts, you often have doubts about the time of entry, whether it is morning or afternoon, etc. Upicus allows creating a management in which the person in charge of human resources uploads a document with the schedules. All users who have permissions to enter this management will be able to view the document and make comments.

Regarding the development of schedules, human resources managers will be able to monitor the status of each worker’s tasks and know when they are doing the most. Therefore, they will be able to make the spreadsheets based on this information to increase productivity.

registration of the working hours Upicus
Teleworking implies that the registration of the working day is carried out virtually.

The advantages of having business management software today

During the coronavirus health crisis or even in other circumstances, telecommuting from home is critical to the survival of organizations. According to recent studies, the number of employees working from home has increased considerably in recent months.

Implementing telework has been a complicated process for those companies that do not have business management software. With Upicus it does not involve any effort for the company or for the workers because you can work in real-time, in an organized way and with constant communication. Our software facilitates collaborative work as it allows assigning tasks, setting deadlines, making comments, etc.

In the current situation, digital transformation in companies is increasingly necessary. For this reason, it is important to make use of technological resources and make the most of them.

Teleworking implies that the registration of the working day and all kinds of procedures are carried out virtually. Companies that have Upicus can do all the procedures in the same software. In addition, other software that the company is using can be integrated. As a result, processes are optimized and productivity increases.

It has always been said that time is money, so it makes no sense that in the digital age we spend it on slow and expensive processes.