CRM is very successful in managing customer relationships. With its application, a large part of their information can be consulted in the same location.

The companies that have implemented Upicus as CRM have increased their sales, have closed important agreements, etc. because its performance has improved. Thanks to this management software you can have all the information regarding a contact available. In addition, it is very easy to follow up since all the data we want is recorded, such as calls

Reasons to implement a CRM software

Many companies wonder when is the best time to implement CRM software. There is no exact answer, but it can be said that it becomes necessary when businesses are established.

Traditional recording of customer or order data in a spreadsheet reduces productivity. New technologies help us to forget old customs and start managing clients effectively.

With Upicus software as CRM, companies have a single source of information. With its Big Data engine, large volumes of data can be collected about a contact, an order or even an interaction with a customer.

This is a great advantage, on the one hand, workers can have a unified view on the information related to a contact, a task or a management. And, on the other hand, they can delve into the data and have a multidimensional view of it. We call this phenomenon OLAP stream corridor.

Another reason to implement a CRM is when a work team does not know what a colleague is doing. If everyone knows what everyone else is doing, they can be more successful. With Upicus, in addition to being able to monitor each task in real time, you can maintain constant communication with the entire team.

In addition, the software is multi-device, so it can be used on both a computer and a mobile phone synchronously. Workers who visit clients or have meetings outside of the office can transfer all the information with the rest of the team. Even if there are connection failures, since you can work online and offline. Once the connection returns, all the data is synchronized.

The CRM strategy allows us to collect customer data to achieve their satisfaction.

Design a CRM strategy with Big Data technology

When implementing a CRM system, both technology and strategy must be taken into account. In this sense, it is important not to think of strategy design as a waste of time. Having a clear vision of the processes and projects to be carried out means that the team makes the right decisions.

The CRM strategy based on Big Data technology is necessary and powerful to retain customers and optimize all the processes of the organization. Upicus as CRM software allows you to record all the information of a client, as well as analyse all the data to obtain a more advanced profile.

The CRM strategy allows us to collect customer data to achieve their satisfaction. However, if that information is disorganized, a good interpretation cannot be made and it will not add value. With a Big Data tool, a multitude of data from different channels can be recorded and processed.

Ultimately, any successful company adequately manages information, both that of its customers and that generated internally. Upicus as CRM software is a platform that helps to manage the needs of any type of business. In addition to being a massive data source due to its Big Data engine, it also offers the necessary information to develop a CRM strategy.