The 5G technology is in vogue these past months. It is a new mobile technology that promises to increase the connection speed, minimize latency or exponentially increase the number of connected devices. Therefore, it allows us to connect to everything, at any time and in less time.

The 5G like other technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the IoT, etc. is here to stay. The mobile network of this fifth generation is already being implemented in several cities around the world.

For society, it is a true technological revolution. It will allow us to connect electronic devices and with us, carry out remote-assisted surgeries, coordinate agricultural work using sensors, etc.

5G technology, how will it change the world?

When we talk about 5G, we are referring to the fifth generation of mobile networks. The first mobile phones, which only allowed us to have conversations, worked with the old 1G network. Later, 2G technology arrived that allowed us to send messages or SMS.

Over time, mobile phones went to be smartphones and became a critical communications tool for society. Just there we had our first internet connection in hands of 3G and then arrived the broadband with 4G technology. At this stage, it provided us with augmented reality, video broadcast in real-time, etc.

What does 5G technology bring us? Below, we see the most important advances:


The most relevant advance is connection speed. The total increase will depend on the user’s location, their wireless services and when they switch to 5G technology.

With 5G, you can surf at up to 10 gigabytes per second. That is, 10 times faster than what some optical fibres offer today. With this speed, we can download movies, music, documents, etc. in some seconds. Therefore, the 5G connection allows you to do everything instantly.


Latency is the network麓s time of response. That is, the speed necessary for a bit of data to make a round trip. We will have a very important advance thanks to 5G technology.

A few years ago, this variable has been in second place compared to others such as bandwidth. However, it is becoming increasingly relevant.

With the new 5G connection, latency could be reduced to 1 millisecond. Therefore, it would be like connecting in real-time. This fact would be a great advantage, for instance, for autonomous vehicles in matters of safety.


5G technology will also improve the signal we receive. With this mobile network, many more devices will be under connection than with 4G technology. Therefore, networks will no longer be so saturated and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be promoted.

We can have several electronic devices connected in real-time both at work and at home. For instance, industrial robots, street furniture, the fridge, a vacuum cleaner, etc. With the 5G connection, not only the mobile phone will be connected to the internet.


Another aspect that will improve considerably is coverage. The issue that some areas have better coverage than others do depends on commercial operators. Normally, agreements are made with the public administrations, but the cost of construction and potential clients are taken into account.

With 5G technology, this will change because smaller stations can be built. Consequently, towers can be put in places that were inaccessible in the past. Likewise, they may be installed in areas outside the city and obtain permits for landscape impact.

5G technology Upicus
5G technology聽will also improve the signal we receive

The impact of 5G technology on companies

The 5G mobile network will help in the digital transformation of companies. They will have to be more innovative, efficient and adapt to technological advances to reduce costs. Some factors to consider getting the most out of 5G technology are the following:

  • Investment: companies have to prepare their teams to use the 5G. If adaptation to new technologies is facilitated, business increases.
  • Adaptation: 5G decreases latency and, consequently, the way companies work with mobile communications will change. The best option is to implement management software that allows you to automate tasks, apply Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Impact: Companies need to understand what 5G technology is and how they can use it to achieve their goals.
  • Strategy: It is also necessary to establish a strategy to address the changes that will occur in the processes and products.

To get good business opportunities, companies have to be at the forefront of technology. The benefits of new technologies apply to all sectors and activities.