Upicus has just collaborated with the National Surf League ‘Junior Series’, one of the most important sporting events in February. During the League, young people will have to compete in nine scoring events, each with 1,000 points. The winner will be the one who adds the highest score with its 4 best results.

For the first time in the history of national surfing, such a test has been held on the Mediterranean coast. This prestigious circuit took place on the Junta de Los Mares beach in Mazarrón, better known as Bahía Grande.

The organizer of the test and president of Bahía Surf Escuela, José María Cascales, affirms that the event has been wonderful and has had high participation.

Competitors and coaches showed a great level with their scores. After the test, Conchi Aparicio, the Councillor for Education, held the awards ceremony.

Upicus believes in sport from the ground up, for this reason, it collaborates with young athletes. We consider it essential to promote the development of their qualities in their formation and growth as people. Sport promotes teamwork, competitiveness, effort and self-improvement.

The Cubelles Surf Club coach showed that they are trying to create great people, nature lovers and have a great time in these championships.

On the other hand, note that technology in sports is being used to apply many techniques in training. For example, to monitor athletes with video and GPS, correct movements and be able to evolve.

We are pleased to sponsor the National Surf circuit. We need to collaborate with sports with which we share values. For example, management software Upicus respects the environment and helps to reduce the use of paper. In Upicus as in surfing, we see life from another perspective.